Puro Iosselliani

Small Skull Cameo Signet Ring

$ 643.00

Though the technique of cameo carving has existed since ancient Greece, there's nothing old about the grinning skull that adorns this gold vermeil ring. Shaped like the classic signet style, the face of the ring is inset with a shell that has been masterfully carved away to set a skull in stark relief from a background of deep brown-red. The mix of rich gold, dark background, and off-white leave an impression of age and antiquity that makes the skull even more striking. The wide face tapers down the band, creating a wide, broad base that makes the cameo impossible to ignore on your hand. We love wearing this ring on its own to let its brazen and outré design get all the attention it deserves. Made in Italy.Measures 0.5" (1.3 cm) tall.14 karat gold vermeil over sterling silver with shell.