Zoom Rose Gold Sanae Twirl Earring

Maria Black

Rose Gold Sanae Twirl Earring

$ 170.00

Two simple, but opposing elements are unified into one effortless earring thanks to Maria Black's unmistakably Scandinavian sensibility. It sounds almost laughably straightforward—to add a straight bar to Black's signature twirl earring shape—but the result speaks for itself. Taking advantage of the tromp l'oeil "double pierced" look that you get from simply twisting in this earring, Black has created a stark and strong contrast between linear and curved elements without you having to do a thing. Gleaming rose gold vermeil completes the sleek shape with a rich, polished hue. Designed in Copenhagen.

Measures 0.4" (1.0 cm) long.

18 karat rose gold vermeil over sterling silver.