Rose Gold Ready Heart Ring: Front
Rose Gold Ready Heart Ring: Angle

Maria Black

Rose Gold Ready Heart Ring

$ 160.00

Signet rings have probably existed about as long as jewelry has, but by stripping it of any extraneous details, Maria Black has reinvented the style for the modern woman. Rather than showcasing an elaborate carved intaglio, the face has been smoothed flat, providing a large surface for the rose gold vermeil to catch plenty of light and shine. To completely update this traditional style, Maria Black also replaces the chunky shape with a dramatically tapered one, thinning into a uniform half-round band for a super clean and sleek look that heightens the drama of the large face. Pair it with softly tailored blouses to give menswear inspirations a conceptual new slant. Designed in Copenhagen.

Measures 0.4" (1 cm) tall.

18 karat rose gold vermeil over sterling silver.