Gold Continuous Earrings

Bing Bang

Gold Continuous Earrings

$ 87.00

The everyday appeal of Bing Bang's simple stud earrings just got an elegant twist with the addition of fine chain, adding movement and shape to this sleek baguette style. Blue-grey Swarovski crystals shimmer dreamily inside a bright gold vermeil setting, creating a modern juxtaposition of hues. Delicate chain extends from the stud to the backing, gently swathing your ear with a shimmering line of gold. If you're seeking out something with more complexity than an unadorned stud, but crave just that little something extra, this pair will suit you perfectly and play perfectly against any statement jewelry. Made in the U.S.A.

Measures 0.3" (0.75 cm) tall.

14 karat gold vermeil with Swarovski® crystals and sterling silver posts.