Diamond Pavé Corset Ring

$ 495.00

Distilling the extravagant construction of 18th century French corsetry into a minimal style, this ring reinterprets whalebone ribs as fine vertical lines. Add in a pavé of white diamonds et voilà; a ring that translates all the elegance of a corset into a clean, streamlined piece of jewelry. We love the added versatility of being able to turn the ring on your finger to conceal the diamonds inside your palm. But let's be frank and admit that you'll want to show off this simple stunner to anybody and everybody. The use of negative space creates an airy, light feeling when worn and focuses all the light (and attention) squarely on the glittering row of diamonds. Made in the U.S.A. Measures 0.5"/1.3 cm tall. 14 karat gold with five 1 point diamonds.