Gas Bijoux

Brass/Grey Snake Massai Bangle

$ 160.00

Blending the seaside romance of the French Riviera with the vibrant palette of the Maasai people, this gold-plated bracelet celebrates color and craft in the most exuberant way. An eclectic array of materials are meticulously combined by hand for a dazzling mix of feminine and fierce accents. Mottled grey and black snakeskin is framed by gleaming chains, fine wire, and bright thread with hammered texturing at the ends. It's a small wonder that so much extravagant fun can be fit into such a sleek shape, but the small size makes it a perfect match to stack with other styles. Add a different color of the same for an electrifying mix or pair it to clean watch bands and leather wraps for a deliberate contrast. Finished with engraved logo inside at one end. Made in France.

Can be adjusted slightly for fit. We recommend finding a fit that is loose enough to remove without readjusting the metal to prevent unnecessary wear and extend the longevity of your jewelry.

Measures 0.3" (0.8 cm) wide and 6" (15.3 cm) around.

24 karat gold plating over brass with thread, wire, chain, and snakeskin.