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Ginette NY

Lingot Ring

$ 325.00

Conceptually-minded jewelry can come across heavy-handed, but designer Frédérique Dessemond's deft hand and fine proportions turn a clever trompe-l'œil design into a fantastically smart and chic ring. A cast ingot recalls the shape of gold bullion, but its clean lines are set atop a slender gold wire band to make the mundane unit of measurement surprisingly fun. The top face receives a brushed finish to add a subtle textural contrast that makes this ring perfect all on its own. Designed in New York.

Measures 0.28" (7.1 mm) tall.

18 karat blush gold.

Ginette NY uses a custom gold alloy to create her signature blush gold that resembles rose gold, but with a distinctive tint. We have tried to represent the color as accurately as possible, but please note that display settings may vary and your piece may differ slightly from how it appears on our website.