Pearl Stirrup Ring: Front
Pearl Stirrup Ring: Angle

Gabriela Artigas

Pearl Stirrup Ring

$ 210.00

Jewelry designers have borrowed from the equestrian world for ages, but Gabriela Artigas's take abstracts the stirrup into an elegant and surprising new form. The curved shape arcs up from the hand into two rounded, flattened points with a freshwater pearl strung between them so perfectly that it creates the impression that the arms are "hugging" it in place. The dialogue between apparent delicacy and hidden strength showcases Artigas at her conceptual best, but she never forgets that beauty is the end goal and what a beauty this ring is. Perfect as a modern cocktail ring, this piece proposes a dramatically different and totally enchanting new way to wear pearls. Made in the U.S.A.

Measures approximately 0.3" (0.9 cm) tall.

Please note that this ring may fit smaller than its stated size due to the organic and unique nature of each pearl. For help with sizing, please contact us.

14 karat gold plated brass with a freshwater pearl.