Eva Baguette Ring: Front
Eva Baguette Ring: Angle
Eva Baguette Ring: Back
Eva Baguette Ring: Worn

J. Hannah

Eva Baguette Ring

$ 465.00

One plus one makes two, unless it's one clear baguette diamond and one solid gold bead, in which case you've got a lot more look going on than you'd expect. The clean, yet unexpected, combination of shapes and materials on this simple ring makes it a perfect choice for everyday wear. Put it on your pointer or middle finger for a look that's understated, but impossible to miss. Feel free to stack it, too; the asymmetry silhouette makes it a perfect way to finish a set of several slim rings. Made in the U.S.A.

Bead detail measures 0.05 (1.2 mm) tall.

14 karat gold with 4 mm x 2 mm diamond.