Sapphire Multi Band Ring: Front
Sapphire Multi Band Ring: Angle
Sapphire Multi Band Ring: Back
Sapphire Multi Band Ring: Worn

Jennie Kwon

Sapphire Multi Band Ring

$ 1,850.00

There's a whole lot of ring to this tromp l'oeil stacked style, but designer Jennie Kwon's keen eye for proportion and detail balances every element into one unforgettable statement piece. Building upon the delicate lines of her signature wire bands, Kwon combines three of them together to create a jaw-dropping look. At the center, a single emerald cut sapphire heightens the drama with its inky, midnight tone while milgrain beading enhances its impressive scale. Alternating bands white and black diamond pavé complete the design for an architectural fine cocktail ring worth showing off. Brides looking to avoid the cliché will love the unusual mix of colors and can be paired with textured metal wedding bands to create a stunning suite of rings. Made in the U.S.A.

Measures 0.26" (6.7 mm) tall.

All sizes available by special order in 3-4 weeks. To inquire, including requests for alternate metal and gemstone options, please contact us.

14 karat gold with approximately 0.6-0.7 carat, 4 mm x 6 mm sapphire, twelve 1 mm white diamonds, and six 1 mm black diamonds.