Gold 5 Diamond Tiny Pavé Bar Necklace


Gold 5 Diamond Tiny Pavé Bar Necklace

$ 395.00

It's easy enough to just throw diamonds on a necklace and call it a day, but getting the right balance between stone and metal takes a careful eye. With its thoughtfully proportioned bar pendant, this necklace presents five gorgeous white diamonds in a perfectly aligned row, letting you showcase their beauty without feeling like you're showing off. Charming and sweet, but just luxe enough to make you smile every time you put it on, this classic style is one of our favorite ways to wear diamonds every single day. Pair it with stacked rings in mixed up shades of gold for an irresistibly fun combination. Finished with clasp closure. Made in the U.S.A.

Pendant measures 1 cm wide on 16" long chain.

Also available in ROSE GOLD.

For all inquiries, including requests for custom chain lengths, please contact us.

14 karat gold with five white diamonds totaling 0.05 carats.